New Life After 50:  The Third Stage of Life – Transition between Adulthood to Elderhood    

A brief video:  Life in Transition

The life-changing process that I designed is intended for people between the age of 50 and 65 who are entering or are already in their third stage of life. This process is available as a program or as one-on-one work.

It will be of particular interest to you if you are experiencing a change within and are ready to engage with or deepen further some or all of the following:

  • Doing a life review to excavate the wisdom that has been acquired to date;
  • From this place of wisdom, look at what is next to be expressed, to fulfill;
  • What is incongruent in your life with who you are now;
  • What is dying that needs to be let go, what is no longer serving you;
  • Look at what is your legacy, what is your contribution to Life.

The transition period for this phase seems less tangible than the previous ones of becoming a teenager, then becoming an adult where we joined the work force, some got married, had children, and how we grew up as a person as well as contributed to society. In these first two life-transitions we grew, evolved and matured, within the context of a well-established societal understanding of these stages of life.

This third stage is not as clearly recognized or as clearly defined. We arrive at this major juncture in life where all of our life’s experiences to date have brought us to where we are now but which may not be what is necessary to bring us to where we need to go next. The shift at this point in our lives requires us to go inward to look at what we learned and look at whether our life is congruent with the essence of who we are now and our life’s purpose. As we enter our Autumn Years, this is our opportunity to show our ‘full spectrum of colours’, what now matters and is time to express.