July/August Tone Magazine Article

From Adult to Elder – the Wisdom of Slowing Down

I’ve recently realized how much we want quick answers even to profound questions. We promote and reinforce the multi-tasking, frenetic pace of life such that if we can’t do two things at the same time, we’re not operating at maximum efficiency and there’s something wrong with us. I think we’ve all been there, done that.

As we enter the fall season of our lives, many of us have been so busy being busy that we are worried and some even petrified of having nothing to do.  A client of mine said she was clear she would never get busy to the extent she did while working and is now spending much of her time meditating and meeting like-minded people talking about philosophy and spirituality.  She loves telling people at parties that she is doing nothing because they often gasp, or take a step back in shock that anyone could wish that for themselves. This person is obviously doing something worthwhile, quiet contemplation, engaged from the inside out. It is often not seen that way.

I was certainly one of those who could not see the value of inner contemplation nor have the patience to do so. With time, I got to experience the profound revelations that show up when sitting with a particular problem or question, in the quiet, and allowing the answers to come up rather than forcing them.  The problem with busyness and quick answers is that it keeps us on the surface of our life, at the superficial plane and does not allow depth. When we get an immediate answer it stops the inner query.  When allowed to engage, our inner Self very often reveals to us a much richer and deeper view of a problem as well as much more viable options.

As we age, it seems to become a stronger need to connect to our soul which seems to communicate much louder in the silence.  To explore deeper questions such as what is my inner wisdom, what brings meaning to my life, what is my legacy, are questions best answered by sitting with them for a while and on a regular basis. Having been the ‘queen of quick answers’ myself, it took a lot of perseverance to do this, however, it has definitely been worth it.

Thérèse Kelders offers personal consultations and programs to facilitate people transitioning from adult to elder, to realize a more meaningful and fulfilled life.

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