Major Transition – Journeying with a loved one dying –my Personal Journey

Being a transition coach, I am obviously very familiar with the subject of transitions and the profound impact they can have on our lives.  I am particularly vividly aware of this now as I’m going through a major transition myself; the journey of being with and seeing my husband dying.

Why share this particular journey? I realized when I started expressing my thoughts and feelings in writing that I found a voice I had not heard before. Prior to this, I was floating through the motions; it was just a blur, although not aware of it. Blogging forces me to reflect upon what I’m living, experiencing, although not comfortable, I am finding this very enriching – an interesting surprise. At the same time, it is my intention that my sharing will also allow others of you to reflect on what you have experienced/are experiencing on this subject as you are/went through this transition yourself.  I invite you as well to use the comments section of this blog to share with myself and others about your experiences.

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