Meet Thérèse

This process is based on a synthesis of my life’s experiences and teachings from various traditions I have practiced and studied over the past 25 years:

  • I completed (1987-1993)       7 Landmark courses,          14 seminars, one 6-month and two 1 year programs designed to enable people to transform themselves in leading their most authentic lives. While in the programs, I coached numerous people in seeing possibilities in their lives.
  • As a human resources manager in the Public Service (1987-2000), I honed my coaching skills by training/coaching many HR advisors, senior/middle managers and employees in dealing with difficult HR issues. As an HR consultant (2000-2011) I continued to assist HR advisors and managers in these matters.
  •  As a volunteer I delivered the course (1998-2009) and trained teachers (2002 to present) to give the NAMI Family-to-Family 12-week Program (1 night/week for 12 weeks) designed to help families have a better understanding of what is mental illness, how to deal emotionally with their family member(s) and how to advocate for them.
  • I graduated from a 4-year program in 2010: Wisdom and Happiness: Fulfilling on Your Life’s Purpose given by Kathleen Leeson RH, where I learned and have been practicing more traditional Wise Woman processes and principles. By applying these principles and practices, I learned how to develop inner wisdom.  It is from this place of wisdom that I am pleased to offer my services.

In addition, I experienced and worked through my own transition into this stage of life.

I began researching what it means to age and noticed that it was very common for people between 50 and 65 to experience a change that was difficult to define.  Many stated it initially felt like what worked in the past was no longer working or what used to be exciting no longer was.  They mentioned having a vague sense of something was changing, that a shift was occurring within, but they weren’t sure what it was all about. This is when I realized that this was a very common occurrence and yet people did not seem fully aware of it or how to engage with it.

The transformational work I did over the years helped me move through this change with greater ease although I still had to work through it.  As my awareness of this transition process expanded, I became more introspective, excavating the ‘inside of me’, connecting to what matters to my heart/soul, what brings authenticity and meaning to my life. This brought me to what brings meaning to my life, assisting others in transitioning into this important phase in life.