4-Month Program

New Life after 50:  Authentic and Meaningful
Harvesting Your Wisdom
Designing the Next Stage of Your Life
4-month Group Program


Now is the time to connect to who you have become, your authentic self at this stage of life. From this place, you are in a better position to see and let go of what is no longer relevant, to then engage with what gives meaning and purpose to your life now.

Come and explore your wisdom, engage with like-minded seekers on the journey of self-exploration and discovery.  This group setting is designed to provide a safe environment to deepen this subject matter through group discussions and shared experiences.

If this speaks to you, then come and immerse yourself in this journey into this major life transition where we will explore the following distinctions:

Transitioning from Adulthood to Elderhood

  • The Third Stage of Life as a transition process.
  • Your relationships with transitions and what is unique to this particular one.

Endings / Completions / What is Out of Sync in Your Life

  • What aspects of your life, or of who you are,  is ending or have ended
  • Where are you out of sync with who you are now

Finding the Gold – Challenging Your World Views about Aging: Body/Mind/ Psyche/Soul

  • your relationship to your aging body, time, money
  • Caring for your body and the limitations of aging

 Accessing Your Wisdom Through Excavating Your Life

  • What patterns have surfaced in your life that show who you are
  • What were your life’s challenges and blessings

Identifying Your Wisdom

  • What have you learned from your life
  • What are your life’s lessons

What is Emerging

  • What is your story
  • What is emerging to be lived, experienced and expressed

Giving a Voice to What’s Next

  • Identify how you will express your legacy
  • How will Elder manifest in your life

Your Legacy – Elder

  • sharing your stories, who you are as an Elder
  • video tape your stories
  • Completion ceremony

Please note, however, that the course will be adapted based on the needs of the group which means we may be spending more time on one topic than another.  The emphasis will be based on what the group manifests.

Looking forward to engaging with you,